Carnal Reincarnation

Carnal Reincarnation is a poetic interactive live art project. Markus Makavellian in an instant [about 20 minutes] will poetically reincarnate you into a being of the opposite gender. He will interview you to provoke your deepest desires on the opposite sex, how much better it would be to have a penis/vagina, how different it would be to come to work as a woman/man, how liberated you might feel in someone else’s body…

After the rip-roaring success of the project at the Basement in Brighton – documented here at the Guardian blog – Markus is eager to continue the work at other live-art festivals across the world.

Carnal Reincarnation is a variation on Glasgow based theatre company proudExposure’s project “Totem of My Love” [a collaboration between Drew and sonic artist Fiona Johnston] for more information on that, click here

[the following is an example from Brighton, generated from an interview with a very drunk girl Claire]

Derek from rohampton…Doesn’t live in a mansion…He’s got a pretty small flat

Derek from rohampton…Assistant at Library…Helping is his primary…Doesn’t own a cat


Derek from rohampton…Not particularly hot…Though he got a full head of hair…And stares frequently at ladies at his work


Derek from rohampton…Sings to roxy music in the shower…Any available hour…Masturbating till it hurt


Derek from rohampton…Memorizes tube maps… Closet train spotter perhaps… Somewhat insecure


Derek from rohampton…High waisted pant wearing…Makes ladies staring, at his very small penis…Once he got it trapped in a door


Derek from rohampton…Used to be Claire of Brighton…She’s a lot of fun… Talks a lot about tits


Derek from rohampton…Doesn’t live in a mansion…Used to be Claire of Brighton…Over there she sits…

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